Security Tips For Your Business

  1. Have a trained security professional do an on-site security evaluation of your property.
  2. Make sure all exterior doors and frames are metal, free of gaps (for pry attempts), and have hinges on inside of door.
  3. Use commercial grade locks and deadbolts on all exterior doors with latch protectors whenever possible.
  4. Make sure all hardware is in compliance with both ADA and life safety codes.
  5. Make sure there is adequate lighting around entire perimeter of building.
  6. Install high security restricted keyway locks
  7. Rekey locks whenever employee turnover happens unless you have High-Security keyway locks.
  8. Maintain tight key control (we recommend Medeco High-Security locks that have patented key control to prevent unauthorized key duplication.)
  9. Consider electronic access control with audit trail capabilities.
  10. Have a good security alarm installed with both inside and outside sirens, battery back-up, and central station monitoring.
  11. Consider a video-surveillance system with a digital video recording system.
  12. Get to know other nearby business owners and discuss security.  Pay attention to and report suspicious behavior (i.e. loitering, etc.). Get to know local law enforcement and ask them to pay special attention to your business.
  13. Use a safe to protect valuables.  Anchor safe to the floor and change combination regularly.  Don’t give combination to anyone but most trusted employees.  Make regular deposits and change banking routine.  Consider an electronic safe lock that allows you to change your own combination.
  14. Keep all entryways free of debris and well lit so that burglars do not have a place to hide easily.

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