Security Tips for Your Home

  1. Have a trained security professional do an on-site security evaluation of your property.
  2. Make sure all exterior doors are either metal or solid wood to prevent kick-ins.
  3. Install quality locks on all exterior doors.  A knob and a deadbolt with a 1” throw are recommended for each door.  If there is any glass near the locks, a double sided deadbolt should be used to prevent glass breakage and unlocking of single keyed locks.
  4. Consider High-Security locks with keys that cannot be duplicated without your knowledge.  We recommend Medeco High-Security Locks.
  5. Always rekey your locks when first moving in.
  6. Always be cautious about who has access to your keys (remember, most common keys can be easily duplicated without your knowledge).
  7. The door strikes are where your real security lies.  Make sure to replace the screws in door strike plates with two 3 inch screws that reach the studs in the door frame.  This will significantly reduce the possibility of a kick-in.
  8. Maintain landscaping around doors and windows.  Consider short thorny bushes beneath windows.
  9. Keep outside of home well lit at night.  Consider use of motion-sensitive lights; burglars prefer darkness.  Use timers on interior lights and radios when on vacation.
  10. Make sure all windows have locking latches and use a vertical locking system on all sliding doors to prevent lifting of doors from track.
  11. Make sure all exterior door hinges are on inside and there are no gaps between the door and frame for prying attempts.
  12. Get to know neighbors and get involved in a neighborhood watch program.
  13. Dogs are a good burglary deterrent and serve as a warning to you.
  14. Do not leave a spare key outside of your home in an obvious hiding spot.
  15. Always make sure windows and doors are securely locked before leaving home and at night.
  16. Keep garage overhead and door from garage to house locked and pay attention when shutting garage that no one sneaks in under the door as it shuts.
  17. Install a good home security alarm with inside and outside sirens, battery backup, and even a cellular dialer.

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